English learning games


English learning games


SoftEnglish is an app of learning English for children. The app uses different colors to represent different levels for learning new words and letters. Each word and letter represent by it's own qute illustrations. The app allows entry for the child, his parents and his teacher. Every user can sign in and fill his details. The parent can add his children to the games. The words and letters are represented by original illustrations.

The Problem

I received the UX sketch from the client. The problem was how to turn the UX sketches into a warm and emotional design for children. An app that they would want to play with, and still maintain seriousness, because both the parents and the teachers are going to use this app. I also had to choose which are the right color for this app.


Visual Research

Inspiration Board - First Sketch

At first I was looking for a suitable design for a landing page for a children's play system. I found designs in strong colors of pink, purple, yellow, blue. Many shapes of circles and waves. I decided to design something in the style of these designs.

First Sketch

The customer wanted more purple colors but in a gradient of pink and purple and not the purple color of his logo, but another purple, more contemporary.

Inspiration Board - Second and third Sketch

The client didn't like the first skect. She wanted clear and detailed figures. She also wanted more classic and bright colors and not childish colors. She wanted the app to look calm. I looked for different apps and found apps which are more clean, calm colors, pink and light purple.

Second Sketch

I cleaned the design from "childish" symbols and used it only in the main illustration which was a detailed figure of a kid. I used one big wave in the background instead of a few small ones. I used gradient colors for the background because I thought It would look more modern and attractive for kids. I changed the characters on the three buttons to be more detailed characters.

Final Sketch
Final Sketch

The client didn't like the gradient background color and wanted a whiter sketch. Also she didn't want to use yellow color in the color palette (although I didn't agree with that because I think it's a good childish color). So I changed the color pallete to purple, white purple and strong pink (for the buttons).

I decided to focus on the main skecth that was lost in the gradient background and put it in white background. Now it was possible to see the English texts written in the form of graffiti and all the illustrative elements related to learning and learning English

Also I removed unnecessary texts and made the page cleaner.

I also removed the button from the users' cube, so that there would not be one heavy cube for user input. I wanted the design of the user entrance to be more light and open like the wave it sits on.

And that was the sketch chosen for the landing page.


What Did I Learn?

Future Features

  1. Explore more apps for kids
  2. Explore more English learning apps
  3. Design the app for younger children