For those of you who have kids, you probably know that the most common sentence they say is “Mom, I’m bored”.

This is David, my boy. He is 6.5 years old. Becausae he’s an only child he is used to playing with himself. Usually, he keeps himself busy or we find him something to do, but sometimes we run out of time or energy and there isn’t any friend around. At that point, David becomes bored and starts to whine “Mom, I’m bored”. I’m start to feel not so calm when I hear these words, and I want to find him an activity, to get him out of boredom.

The Problem

I don’t want David to watch too much TV, so I need to be creative. Finding activities which fit my child is not always the easiest thing to do, for some reasons:

1. I don’t have much information about all the activities in our area.

2. The weather is too warm or too cold.

3. It’s hard to find activities that fit in terms of distance, time and cost.

4. I want to find an activity mate.

Therefore, I try to find activities, not always with great success.

That’s why I decided to create a specific app that will help me find activities for kids tailored to the kid’s interests and to my needs.

Research Methods

The Survey

In my research I asked people about their activity habits with their kids and their difficulties in finding activities.

I found that 88.3% of those who had difficulty finding activities for children were women. 58.3% had kids in the age range of 6–8 years. 56.9% had a real difficulty in finding attractions and 60.7% found difficulty in finding activities on vacation especially. 89.7% found activities by word of mouth and 79.3% found activities on social networks.
Few people said that they use mobile apps to search for activities.

I asked people what was their most significant difficulty in finding activities for kids

"Finding activities suited to our needs: distance from home, weather, budget"

"Out-of-date information overload on the Internet"

"Finding activities suitable for all ages"

“Finding activity friends”

"Finding free activities"


From my research it became clear to me that my persona is Shelly. She is 38 years old, married with three kids at the ages between 3–8. She works as a medical secretary. Shelly’s husband is at work until late, so every afternoon she’s with her kids. She wants to find them activities tilored for their interests and for her needs. Sometimes she wants to meet friends with their kids. When she keeps her kids busy she feels calm and “a good mother”.

User Journey Map

It’s August, another day in the summer vacation, and Shelly doesn’t know what to do with her kids. They are bored, sitting at home watching TV, and she gets mad of it. She tries to find them an activity that will suit them all, but without success. Finally, getting disappointed, they go to a playground, like they do many times.

Jobs to be Done

Shelly says:

“When I am alone with my three kids on vacation or on holidays, I want to be able to make them busy by finding activities that suit them, so that I can be calm and feel I’m a good mother .”

Sketches of Results Page

I started with the results page, as I thought it’s the most complicated page. I sketched three options for this page.
1.  A list of results scrolled from top to bottom.
2. A list of results scrolled from left to right.
3. Big bubbles of results floating in the screen.

Finnaly I chose №1 because it seemed the simpler list to use.

Visual Research

Inspiration Board

I started to look at other apps for inspiration and to learn about needed features. The summer cocktail image has caught my eye and helped me decide what are the colors of the app.

Color Palette & Typography

I chose the font Lato because “Male and female, serious but friendly. With the feeling of the Summer,” says Łukasz Dziedzic the designer. “Lato” means “Summer” in Polish. (From Google fonts).

The Name & Logo

Final Design

Evolution of the First Screen

Micro-Interactions and Animation

Kids’s Details Flow

Search Activities Flow

Activity Page Flow

Shelly and the kids have enjoyed the activity so much, that she decides to write a good feedback about the activity: “ Finally I found an activity that answered all my needs”.


What Did I Learn?

Future Features

  1.  Find activities by crowdedness
  2.  Show activities for the whole month
  3.  Gamification
  4.  Show user last activities
  5.  Show activities at home (with youtube)
  6.  Enable activity partner chat