Mr. Memory
Mr. Memory


I am happily married to a stunning man, but there is a small problem and it is his memory. He tends to forget important events in our lives ….

The Problem

My husband is not so technological and he still uses a manual journal. Until now he hasn’t used his mobile or google calendar to create events. So far I have had to remind him of events, or have been asking him to write about events in his journal. He did not always remember to write in the journal and often forgot about events. My need to remind him constantly exhausted me, that’s why I created “Mr.Memory” app.

Research Methods

The Survey

In my research I asked people about their memory issue. I found out that 79.8% of the married men found difficulty in remembering events in their life.

I found that 88.3% of those who had difficulty finding activities for children were women. 58.3% had kids in the age range of 6–8 years. 56.9% had a real difficulty in finding attractions and 60.7% found difficulty in finding activities on vacation especially. 89.7% found activities by word of mouth and 79.3% found activities on social networks.
Few people said that they use mobile apps to search for activities.

I asked people what helps them to remember events:

“I write on notes”

“I write events in my diary”

“I use Google calendar”

“I don’t remember”

“My wife helps me to remember”


From my research I realised that my persona is Alon, a 35 years old, lives in Tel-Aviv, married with 2 kids and works as a programmer. His pain point is that he forgets all kinds of different events and those associated with his wife. He really wants to remember and feels that he’s a good husband.

User Journey Map

Alon is at work and he is trying to remember an event that is supposed to be happening today, but can’t remember exactly what kind of event. He hasn’t written it in his journal, and he can’t find the note on which he wrote down the event. At last he decides to call his wife, although he fears her reaction. Alon wishes he had a nice app that would remind him all those events.

Jobs to be Done

:Alon says

“During the day, I don’t remember events that are connected to me and people close to me, and I want to remember, so that I’ll be a better husband and person.”

Visual Research

Sketch of Calendar Page

I made a calendar page sketch because I thought it‘s the main page. I decided that the calendar would be prominent at the top of the page and the events would be below it.

On the top right there is the user avatar (after he has signed up).

On the right bottom there is a new event button.


After the hand sketches I built wireframes.

Visual Research

Inspiration Board

I searched for apps with calendar feature. I found some apps and noticed that the purple color controls them. I loved their cleanliness and the calendar.

Color Palette & Typography

I chose purple, light blue and dark gray because these are “cold” colors that are better suited to men's apps. I chose the font Roboto because it has mechanical skeleton, while the font features are friendly and have open curves (From Google fonts). It suited me, for it’s an app that is designed for men but that is friendly.

The Name & Logo

I chose the name Mr. Memory because it’s an app that is more suited for men. While women will also use it to create new events, most users are men. I wanted a clean, handwritten logo that would symbolize something personal and warm.

Final Design

Evolution of the First Screen

At first, I designed the app in a dark blue color because I thought it’s an app for men and it is a more masculine color. Then I’ve realised that this color is too dark and outdated, so I chose gradient from purple to light blue colors, as I have explained above. I’ve noticed the gradient is too light and the calendar is not clear enough. So I changed into gradient in stronger colors. Also, I took off the image from the back because it didn’t look clear.

Micro-Interactions and Animation

נגן וידאו

Sign Up Flow

The app begins with the main screen where users can log in or sign up. The user signs up and continues to fill his/her partner details. Now the user is ready to create a new event.

Calendar Flow

After the user saves his details he gets into the calendar page. He can see the day he’s in and add a new event. In the “Add new event” page, he fills out the details of the event. After he finishes, a messege is sent to his partner’s mobile and appears on his mobile.

Event Flow

The user clicks on the messege and gets into the event’s page. He can see the event details (even what to wear…) and can edit the notification of the event if he wants. When he clicks on the close button, he gets into the calendar page, where he can see his calendar and events. Each color of the dots on the calendar represents a different event. When the user clicks on an event’s name he gets into the event’s page.


What Did I Learn?

I’ve learned that a memory app can be very useful in the family, especially for men. It can help improve the relationship in the family by not being disappointed that the other spouse forgets important events. It also has a friendlier interface than other apps like Google Calendar, so it encourages more users to choose it.

Future Features

  1. Coordinating meetings with other people
  2. Enabling to see other people’s calendars
  3. Chatting with people
  4. Uploading photos from the events