liat shira

Product Designer

My name is Liat Shira Nagauker and I am a graduate of the Department of Digital Media at the Camera Obscura School of Art, Tel Aviv (1999). After graduating I worked in various internet and design companies. I studied product design with Sagi Schreiber and had a lot of experience in app design, website design and construction (Elementor) and digital marketing on Facebook and Instagram. In 2015 I set out on my own.

Today, with 22 years of experience in UI / UX design, I provide my clients with top quality service, while finding the most suitable design solution for him and his needs. There is nothing that satisfies me more than taking an outdated website and bringing it to life through a new and fresh design, or finding for the customer a design solution that will significantly upgrade his website.

Contact me, and together we will make your product the most beautiful and inviting interior of your business.

Busy Kids

"The big vacation" has arrived and the children are at home. You find yourself at a loss as to how to employ your children. Get the UI / UX app design for people who want their kids to be busy…


Your wedding day has arrived and you expect your husband to remember it. But unfortunately you find out the opposite. Get an UI/UX app that helps your husband to remember…


You are supposed to get paid for your work, and you have a lot of expenses and you are already in a hurry from all the numbers. Get an UI/UX app that helps you track your financial expenses and income.

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