Those of you who are self-employed or have small businesses, know how difficult it is to run a business without a supportive business management system. Whether it is revenue and expense management and whether it is the management of current tasks.

The Problem

The problem is that business owners do not always know how to manage the business side, cash flow, tasks to be done, customer payments, etc. They need a friendly tool that will help them run their business in the best way. This is where Growth's desktop and web software comes in to help.

The system will give them a good understanding of the good things in the business and what needs improvement, such as investing in customers who do not pay.

Growth system will include:

  1. Accounting tracking (cash flow).
  2. Customer payments
  3. Open tasks
  4. Computerized invoice 
  5. Work Hours Tracking
  6. Main screen that centralizes the activity

Research Methods

The Survey

 In my research I found that 95% of self-employed and small business owners would like help in managing their business.

I have found high percentages of business owners who need help tracking their cash flow and tasks. I found out that 88% want a track of their monthly expenses and income.  88% have difficulty managing their customers' payment tracking. 85% would like help in managing their tasks.

I asked people what can help them run the business?

“More workers”

“More money”

“Business management software”

”Good accountant"

“My wife can help me”


From my research I realised that my persona is Alon, a 35 years old, lives in Tel-Aviv, married with 2 kids and works as a programmer. His pain point is that he forgets all kinds of different events and those associated with his wife. He really wants to remember and feels that he’s a good husband.

User Journey Map

Alon is at work and he is trying to remember an event that is supposed to be happening today, but can’t remember exactly what kind of event. He hasn’t written it in his journal, and he can’t find the note on which he wrote down the event. At last he decides to call his wife, although he fears her reaction. Alon wishes he had a nice app that would remind him all those events.

Jobs to be Done

Alon says:

“I want to be able to follow the actions in my business so that the business will work better and I will earn more.”

Visual Research

Sketch of Dashboard

I made a sketch for the dashboard page because it is the page that controls the whole system. It contains all the latest information the business owner needs – cash chart, recent tasks, customer payments. From here he can log in and see all the information.


After the hand sketches I built wireframes.

Visual Research

Inspiration Board

I searched for apps with calendar feature. I found some apps and noticed that the purple color controls them. I loved their cleanliness and the calendar.

Color Palette & Typography

I chose blue because it is a business system designed for business owners and it should convey seriousness and professionalism. I chose Font Roboto it is a professional and user friendly font as the system should be.

The Name & Logo

The logo conveys what the business system is supposed to do at the end of the day – increase the profits of the business owners. The arrow conveys the benefits of the system and the increase in profits it can bring to business owners.

Final Design

Evolution of the First Screen

I initially used real money photos and the left column of cash flow was without background. Then I decided it was not appropriate to put pictures of real money because it cheapens the design. And I made a design uniformity between the three columns.


The system starts on the main dashboard screen where the three main categories are displayed: cash flow, recent tasks and customer payments.


Time Tracker

Customer Payments


Cash Flow


What Did I Learn?

I learned that a business management system is very necessary for running a business. It eliminates the need to remember and write manually in the diary. She coordinates all tasks and customer follow-up. The system is very useful for any business owner.

Future Features

  1. Understand what additional needs business owners need.
  2. To further develop the system.